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About Leibel Sternbach

Hi, I am the founder of Yields for You, and I believe that we are living in the midst of an epidemic of financial misinformation.

The world has never been more full of well-meaning people promoting bad advice.

Unfortunately, retirement is not something we can afford to make mistakes with that is why I created Yields for You.

I am on a personal mission to help one million people retire with confidence and peace of mind. I do this as a passion project, through free resources, guides, classes, and support groups. I truly believe that everyone can be the master of their own finances.

During the day, I am CTO for a National FinTech, where I help support hundreds of advisors around the country. By night, I help main street investors take control of their finances and build the retirement of their dreams.

To speak with me or a member of the Yields4U financial team. Use the button below to book an appointment.

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