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Wondering what it takes to retire? How much money do you need? Where does Social Security fit and how can I find out what's the best way to take Social Security for maximum results?

How can I retire early? What are the real numbers a person needs to retire? Discover the answers to these questions and more.


 Our Mission

To Educate and Empower today's retirees with the knowledge and tools they need to retire with confidence and peace of mind.

As a veteran of the financial service industry, Leibel has seen first hand how a little bit of industry know-how and good old planning can make all the difference in retirement.

As fiduciaries, our commitment to you is simple: To be honest, transparent and always looking out for your best interest first and always. At Yields4U it is our goal to help our clients create a sound financial plan that is designed to help them secure their financial futures and ensure their peace of mind.

About Our Founder: Leibel Sternbach, EA, NSSA, ChFC®, APMA®

Since 2007, Leibel has worked with financial advisors and institutional money managers across the country to help build low risk, low volatility investment solutions designed for today's retiree.

In addition to his personal practice, currently, Leibel is the Chief Technology Officer for Fusion Capital Management, which provides services for advisors across the country and over 2 Billion in assets.

Leibel is an Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor, an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, is a National Social Security Association Advisor certificate holder, and a Chartered Financial Consultant through The College of Financial Service. Leibel has passed his Series 65 and is a Life & Annuity Licenses holder, additionally, Leibel has gone through the Ed Slott Elite IRA Advisor program.

Leibel has personally coached over 400 advisors, he publishes a regular financial column, and his advice has been featured on InvestmentNews, MarketWatch, LegalZoom, ThinkAdvisor, CNN Business, FOX, CBS, NBC, Yahoo! Finance and other websites.


"My retirement plan is to get thrown into a minimum security prison in Hawaii.”

~ Julius Sharpe ‏

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want objective, comprehensive advice, you have to financially structure your relationship that way.  

Paying or receiving commissions when products are sold to you is certainly not objective, and paying a percentage of your investments alone is certainly not comprehensive.

By focusing on your entire net worth, we strive to deliver as much value as possible, wherever it may be, to all clients at all times.

Of course. Every client is unique, and sometimes the composition of their net worth requires a conversation and some common sense accommodations. Additionally, we offer scholarships and hardship discounts to students who qualify. Ask during your strategy session to see if it applies to you.

An enrolled agent (EA) is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels—examination, collection, and appeals—of the Internal Revenue Service.

As the saying goes a penny saved is a penny earned and in retirement, we need to minimize our losses and maximize our gaines as much as possible.

As an Enrolled Agent with the IRS, Leibel Sternbach brings advanced tax planning knowledge to help retirees minimize or eliminate taxation during retirement and leverage the tax code to their benefit. It is not enough to just have a plan, you need to make sure it is a tax optimized plan as well.

The NSSA was co-founded by Jim Blair, a 35 year veteran of the Social Security Administration. The NSSA® Certificate Program is a nationally recognized standard of competent and ethical Social Security planning education and training.

In addition to the education, as a National Social Security Advisor, Leibel has access to Jim Blair and the other founders at the NSSA to help advice and assist with complex SS cases. Just one of the ways we help our clients ensure that they are making the strongest decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

A Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) is a financial advisor with extensive education and training in personal financial planning

Financial Advisors with the ChFC® designation are able to address their clients' comprehensive financial planning needs through their extensive training in investment planning, income planning, tax planning and minimization, risk management, and estate planning.

The ChFC® designation is comparable to the CFP® designation; both study similar topics, however a CFP® is required to take five courses, while a ChFC® must take nine courses.

The CFP® is administered by the CFP® Board, while the ChFC® is administered by the American College for Financial Planning.

An Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor or APMA designee is an expert in portfolio construction and management that you can trust to handle your portfolio of investments from A to Z.

Designees receive hands-on training as an investment professional, making them more effective in serving your needs as a client

APMA designees have mastered the conceptual underpinnings of portfolio management as well as portfolio design and construction. The APMA program emphasizes how to assess a client's total financial situation and needs, and then thoroughly evaluate assets under management and make appropriate recommendations. The hands-on training reinforces this education, distinguishing this program from others in the industry.

Accredited Portfolio Management Advisors (APMA) are trained in advanced portfolio analytics and risk management including:

- Portfolio Risk and Return Analysis

- Investments and Taxation

- Investment Strategies and Retirement Cash Flow Considerations

- Equities, Debt, Fixed Income, and Mutual Fund Valuation and Analysis

- Derivatives, Structured Products, and Real Estate Investments

A goal of the APMA designee is to build lasting relationships with clients. They learn to recognize hidden opportunities by identifying their clients' needs within the broader context of portfolio management.The Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor designation is given by the College for Financial Planning.

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What's Included In the Plan

Learn how to determine the amount of money you need to retire in today's volatile economy. At the end of this section you will have a realistic idea of what your retirement will look like and how much it will cost. We will also discuss some non-traditional retirement strategies that are gaining popularity.

In this section we will review the 4 Social Security Benefits, we will review filing strategies, how to maximize your benefits, and how to avoid the common mistakes people making when claiming benefits.

In this section we discuss how to fund you retirement. We will discuss "safe" withdrawal strategies and explain how to ensure your assets last through retirement.

Additionally, we will explain IRS rules for required minimum distributions from retirement accounts. We discuss how to calculate these annual withdrawals and avoid severe tax penalties. In addition, you learn how to create a "Stretch" IRA to provide income and maximize the future growth potential of your legacy for multiple generations of beneficiaries.

Portfolio losses during retirement can represent a lifestyle change; as such this section focuses on the unique investment challenges facing retirees and how to manage those drawdown risks.

By the end of this section, you will know how to evaluate investment recommendations for their true risk/reward potential. Additionally, since taxes may be your largest investment expense, special emphasis is placed on maximizing the tax-efficiency of your investment returns.

One of the biggest concerns for retirees is their health. This section discusses Medicare and health insurance options for early retirees.

In this section, we examine important factors to help you decide whether or not you should purchase long-term care insurance. We also introduce combination policies that may be available if health issues make it difficult to obtain a traditional policy. Legal planning should not be overlooked. It addresses the needs to manage assets and make medical decisions in case you are incapacitated.

Estate planning can be one of the most complicated aspects of financial planning. This section makes estate planning easy to understand.

As you get older, having confidence in your estate plan becomes more important. If you already have an estate plan, the information you learn helps you better understand it, so you can determine whether your plan can be improved or should be updated. If you do not have a comprehensive estate plan, the knowledge, strategies and checklists you receive provide the foundation for an effective plan.

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