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Retirement Income Planning


Because Life is More Than a Paycheck”

- Leibel Sternbach

At Yields4U, we believe that life is more than a paycheck.

Our mission is to ease your worries and help you create a sound financial strategy that provides not only a steady paycheck for life but a playcheck as well.

As part of The Yields4U process, we'll help you create a retirement income plan that balances:

  • Daily Living Expenses
  • Budgeting for Luxuries & Quality of Life
  • Planning your Social Security Benefits for Maximum Results
  • Determining Ideal Withdrawal Strategies
  • Factoring in both Expected & Unexpected Medical Expenses
  • Planning for the Unexpected and the Inevitable

How Much is Your Retirement Worth?

Many people underestimate the true value of their retirement. 

Once you factor in Social Security and Pensions, the numbers are usually quite a bit larger than most people suspect. Consider the following:

  • Average Retirement Savings: $255,000
  • Average Home Value: $188,900
  • Average Social Security Benefit for a Married Couple: $1,024,848
  • Total Retirement Value: $1,468,748

At Yields4U, we've seen a lot, and we'll help you come up with a creative solution to tap into and maximize every retirement resource you have - so that you can live the life of your dreams. Let us do a free analysis for you.

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