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Ask an advisor: When is real estate an investment?
Financial Planning Magazine

When Nathan of Financial Planning Magazine wanted advice about when to sell his home and upgrade, he turned to our own Leibel Sternbach for advice on the age old question, "if you sell during a high market...won't you be buying high as well?"Read the full article to see my answer.
More Americans Tap Home Equity for Financial Safety Net
The Wall Street Journal

When Veronica Dangher was doing a story on HELOCs, she turned to our own Leibel Sternbach for advice. For a great deep-dive on deciding if a HELOC is right for you check out this article here.
Ask an advisor: I have terminal cancer. What does that mean for my Social Security?
Financial Planning Magazine

This question hits particularly home for me. My dad died at age 63 from stage 4 prostate cancer. He was diagnosed at 61, and he did eventually file for Social Security at 62. Read the full article to see my answer.
Some advisers welcome increased regulatory scrutiny of outsourcing - InvestmentNews

The SEC proposed a new heightened definition of the fiduciary standard. Requiring firms to keep a fiduciary mindset when vetting third-party providers (shouldn't this already be true!) Critics of the rule talk about the regulatory costs entailed for small firms...but that's not what I think! Check out my scathing rebuttal to those advisors in this article by InvestmentNews.Read the full article!
Inflation Infighting: Honey, Do We Really Need Those Pine Nuts?
The Wall Street Journal

Inflation all hits us differently. When the WSJ wanted to know how couples were reacting, they turned to our own Leibel Sternbach and his wife for insight.Check out the full article here.
Social Security proposals would lift cap for payroll taxes, end 'double taxation' of income
Financial Planning Magazine

When Dan Shaw from Financial Planning Magazine wanted to understand the latest congressional Social Security proposal, he turned to Leibel Sternbach for his insight.Read the full article.
How Advisors Are Talking About 'Buying the Dip'

If the market has you down, check out these sages of wisdom from leading advisors, including our own Leibel Sternbach whose quote was featured first on this list. Read More.
The Democratization of the Financial Services Industry

In this great piece by, Leibel discusses his views on the future of FinTech. The highlights: "It's about the client experience, integration, AI, and great client outcomes." Read the full article here.
Should you invest your tax refund in crypto?

When PolicyGenuis needed some input on the merits and downsides of investing your tax refund in Crypto, they turned to our own Leibel Sternbach an Enrolled Agent with the IRS and Financial Advisor for advice. Click to read the article for his in-depth discussion on the subject.
How Advisors Are Talking to Clients About Russia-Ukraine War

This interview was original given prior to the invasion of Ukraine. Its accuracy is uncanny. See Leibel's predictions in this article.
Popular music and the stock market: New research shows a surprising connection

When Myles from PolicyGenuis wanted advisors' thoughts on the recent study that found that music a country listens to is a good predictor of market returns, Leibel was there to chime in with his perspective: “If you’re investing for emotional’s no different than speculating or gambling.” Click to read the full article.
How to Replace the 60/40 Portfolio (or Not)

When ThinkAdvisor wanted to know how advisors were handling the current equity bull and lower yields in bonds they turned to Leibel for advice. See our strategy here.
How to Start Saving and Investing

When's Geoff Williams wanted to know the best way to start building wealth he turned to our founder Leibel Sternbach for advice. Read the full article.
Where financial advisers sit on the $15 minimum wage divide - InvestmentNews

Get the scoop on what a $15/minimum wage really means in this piece with InvestmentNews featuring our own Leibel Sternbach.Read the full story!
Don't know whether to file taxes early or wait? 5 questions to help you sort it out

Wondering if you should hold off filling taxes this year to take advantage of any last minute stimulus bills? Our own Leibel Sternbach weighs in with other industry experts in this MarketWatch column. Read the full article for details.
15 Ethical Crises In Technology That Have Industry Leaders Concerned

As a member of the Forbes Technology Council, Leibel weighs in on some of the challenges facing today's advisors and retirees. Read the full article for details. Read the full article here.
Leibel Sternbach accepted into Forbes Technology Council

Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives. Leibel was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors Read the full press release here.
401(a): What It Is and How It Differs From a 401(k)

When Daria Uhlig at wanted to help educate her readers about the differences between 401as and 401ks she turned to Leibel Sternbach for advice. Read the full article here.
Robinhood Reviews: 8 Users Comments

Leibel weighs in on the Robinhood frenzy and provides some sound advice for investors thinking about joining. Hint: Don't quit your day job just yet!Read the full review for details.
50 Internet Hacks That Just Don’t Work

Leibel Sternbach is helping educate investors in this issue of Reader's Digest article dedicated to debunking internet myths, check out the article for the full details.Read the full article here.
How the Fed Affects Interest Rates

What does it mean when the Fed lowers interest rates? How does it affect you? What is the Fed trying to do? When Jason Wesley from wanted answers to theses questions and more he turned to our own Leibel Sternbach for answers. Read the full article here.
‘Don’t run to gold’ and other advice for pandemic volatility - InvestmentNews

When Emile Hallez of InvestmentNews was looking for insight in to the recent market volatility, our founder Leibel Sternbach shared how we've been helping our clients protect and grow their portfolios during these trying times.Read the full story!
How to Build Wealth at Any Stage in Your Career

When independent journalist Chris O'Shea wanted advice for his readers on how they can accumulate wealth he turned to our own Leibel Sternbach for advice. [...]
How to Start Saving and Investing

When's Geoff Williams wanted retirement savings advice for their readers he turned to our founder Leibel Sternbach for advice. Read the full article.
Advisers want age to continue to climb for mandatory retirement savings withdrawals - InvestmentNews

With the new SecureAct effectively eliminating stretch IRAs, we don't think RMDs should exist! Leibel Sternbach laid out our reasoning and helped advocate for the abolishment of RMDs in this article by Mark Schoeff Jr. of InvestmentNews. Read the full story!
How to Apply for Social Security
Yahoo! Finance

When reporter Rachel Hartman wanted to write a hot to guide for her readers on how to apply for Social Security, she turned to our own Leibel Sternbach, who is a National Social Security Advisor certificate holder for advice. The article was picked up by U.S. News & World Report and Yahoo! Finance. Click to read more
Certified Financial Planner vs. Financial Planner: What's the Difference?

Wondering what the difference is between a financial advisor and a Certified Financial Planner or Chartered Financial Consultant? When LegalZoom was looking for answers they turned to our founder, Leibel Sternbach, EA, NSSA, ChFC, APMA for answers! check it out!
‘Being objective is incredibly hard’: top financial advisers reveal their New Year’s resolutions to MarketWatch

Leibel Sternbach comments and advice regarding financial planning were recently featured in MarketWatch's latest article, the article was also picked up by Financial Advisor IQ among others. check it out!
It's time to thank your teachers. Here's what to give them
(Hint: skip the mug)

CNN Business

Our own Leibel Sternbach was featured on CNN Business, check it out!
Cashier's Checks: Everything You Need to Know
Yahoo! Finance

When reporter Marcie Geffner wanted to know about cashier checks, bank checks, and related financial risks she turned to our own Leibel Sternbach for advice. The story was picked up by U.S. News & World Report and Yahoo! Finance. Click to read more
Leibel Sternbach becomes an Accredited Portfolio Management Advisor
Yahoo! Finance

"This designation is just another signifier of the value that Leibel provides...," added Fusion CEO, Ryan Borer...Accredited Portfolio Management Advisors (APMAs) have completed a course of study encompassing client assessment and suitability, risk/return, investment objectives, bond and equity portfolios, modern portfolio theory and investor psychology. Click to read more

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