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Ohan The Money Doctor

Kayikchyan Ph.D., CFP®
Financial Coach & Educator

Ohan is a former Wells Fargo private banker in LA, with 15+ years in the financial industry. Ohan has worked with self-made millionaires observing their money handling and investing habits.

Today Ohan works with individuals to help them take control of their finances.

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Portfolio Management Team

Creating low-risk, low-volatility retirement solutions is a full-time job. At Yields for You, we work with a team of money managers and traders to help create for you the ideal investment experience - designed for your peace of mind.

Timothy Clontz

Founder, The Market Mousetrap
Portfolio Manager
Tim, developed a unique AI investment strategy that identifies companies that are ripe for a rally.
Clontz is an engineer by trade, and after years of following the "experts" and losing money in the market, Tim decided to apply his technical expertise to the challenge and created a set of AI strategies that have been successful at finding companies that have been wrongly undervalued by the market and are poised for a comeback.
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Ryan Borer, AAMS®

Founder, Fusion Capital Management
Portfolio Manager


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Smooth Sailing Indexes

Smooth Sailing Indexes, Inc. provides tactical indices that seek consistent rewards while reducing risk to financial institutions and their clients.

The two principals of Smooth Sailing Indexes have a combined 62 years of experience in the financial services industry. The logic of each index is designed to be “all weather” in nature. In other words, navigate through various market conditions and deliver consistent returns over market and business cycles - hence, "Smooth Sailing."

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Operations  Team

These are the people who do that day-in and day-out work that is required to keep Yields for You running.

Moe Breitowitz

Senior Trader. Moe and Leibel have been business partners since 2009. Moe handles all the trading for Fusion Capital Management which does the trade execution for Yields4U.

Fusion Capital

Fusion is the FinTech firm and RIA that provides the software platform and back-office services for Yields4U clients. Leibel is a minor partner in Fusion.

IO Melville

The Intelligent Office team in Mellville, NY are indispensable. They answer the phones, confirm appointments and handle a lot of routine office work that is needed to keep Yields4U running.

Mike Zaccardi, CFA, CMT

Mike is a Freelance Financial Writer at SoFi & Ally who co-writes with Leibel Sternbach the Yields4U weekly retirement blog and market updates.

Freddie Bell 

Freddie is the co-host of the "Leibel on FIRE" show. Among his many accomplishments, Freddie is also the host of the nationally syndicated radio show "New Beginnings."

Brad Sterling

Brad and Leibel have been working together since 2009. Brad is the editor and producer of the Leibel on FIRE show. Brad is the founder of Radio Show Pro Inc.