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About The Clontz AI Strategies

Tim, is one of our portfolio managers at Yields4U. Tim has a Doctorate in Theological Studies from the Southern Bible Seminary and is currently a IT Security professional.

Clontz is an engineer by trade, and after years of following the "experts" and losing money in the market, Tim decided to apply his technical expertise to the challenge and created a set of AI strategies that have been successful at finding companies that have been wrongly undervalued by the market and are poised for a comeback.

Tim got his start in investing by watching his grandfather, who never made more than 12,000 a year, accumulate a portfolio worth over a million dollars. As a self-identified numbers guy, Tim has spent his time learning how the markets work and has created a self-adapted AI investment strategy that has provided consistent performance since its inception in 2011.

Tim publishes a weekly market commentary that can be found on his website

Tim's full equity strategy is exclusively available to Yields4U.

To learn more about Tim's strategy and how we use it to help build our clients personalized retirement portfolios, click here.

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