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About Kevin Lum, CFP®

Kevin Lum, CFP®
Lifelong Entrepreneur
Founder, Foundry Financial

Kevin is the former CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and Vice President for SAI, an international firm that helps non-profits, government agencies, corporations, and faith-based organizations obtain government grants and implement community programs that make the world a better place.

After nearly 15 years managing non-profits, in 2005, Kevin found himself thrust into the world of personal finance when his dad passed away. As Kevin quickly found out, retirement planning is a ruthless world filled with myths, misconceptions, and outright liars. After struggling to help his Mom retire, Kevin made it his personal mission to become THE expert on retirement planning.

In 2005, Kevin returned to school and became a Certified Financial Planner, he has gone through the Personal Financial Planning program at UCLA, and the Impact Investing curriculum from Santa Clara University. Kevin regularly attends financial education classes and is constantly seeking to expand his knowledge to serve his clients better.

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