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It's time to discuss Financial Anxiety

financial anxiety May 27, 2021

Life is filled with anxiety. My wife is anxious about flying, my kid is afraid of the dark, my dog is afraid of her own shadow, and I am anxious about failure, so I work insanely hard to succeed.

As society has progressed, we have become aware of the burden that anxiety (and mental health in general) play in our lives. Seeking help, once taboo, has now become commonplace as we have become more open to discussing our faults. This has helped many lead happier lives.

As a financial advisor, another fear we should really discuss is Financial Anxiety. Financial Anxiety is, simply, the fear of running out of money, of not being able to pay the bills, of worrying that you are going have to start eating cat food to keep a roof over your head, or the fear that you won't even be able to keep a roof over your head; cat food or no cat food. These are all very real fears.

As human beings, we will never live the life of our dreams if we live in the shadows of our fears; constantly anticipating the end of our world. The only way to achieve the life of our dreams is to ensure that both our emotional and financial needs are taken care of. Only then can we genuinely enjoy the fruits of our labor and fully live our lives.

Whatever you do, ensure your financial plan addresses both your emotional and financial needs. A plan that addresses one need without acknowledging the other is doomed to failure.

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